Tewksbury Massachusetts Factory Hog Farm farm

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Why does the Mass. Farm Bureau Federation have
it's facts wrong about us and House Bill 3818?

According to the "Legislative White Paper", published by the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation, the neighbors of this factory hog operation "have been unable to shut it down."

This is just not true.

We haven't tried to shut down the farm. People from good farms that appreciate the importance of co-existing with neighbors should know that they are being misled.

The Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation says our bill (the Home Rule Petition that passed overwhelmingly at Town Meeting) "is perhaps the largest threat facing agriculture statewide at the moment."

Most industries have regulations. There are two swine operations in Tewksbury

  • One built a 1500-head Finisher Building - industrial hog facility - 590 feet from neighbors without any permits or notifications
  • ...spread and compost millions of gallons of hog waste in a high water table area already impacted by toxic dump sites
  • ...have a long history of raising animals for human consumption next to THREE toxic waste areas. One a Superfund site yards from where pigs have been for decades, one a 21E site on the farm (that was in default for years) only yards from where cattle have been for years?
  • ...fill in wetlands without permits
  • ...make it unbearable for children at a School to have recess
  • The other swine operation allows runoff into wetlands that feed into a pond the Town wanted to use as a recreational area

The Farm Bureau goes onto say "This is not a swine issue or a Tewksbury issue. This is an agricultural issue for the entire Commonwealth and must be defeated."

There are serious issues from swine operations that affect Tewksbury. The MDAR admits that one of the swine operations is of a size is not prevalent in Massachusetts. The area in that part of Tewksbury has an extremely high water table and the affected areas are in the Shawsheen Valley which is particularly prone to the affects of severe odors and pollution.

Our Bill is reasonable and allows for co-existence with farms.

We call on the Farm Bureau to promote Sustainable Farming and to open it's ears to neighbors of the very few agricultural operations that cause extreme damage to quality of life.

Read the Farm Bureau's Legislative White Paper


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